In a world caught up with the inflation of junk information and in which the debt of ideology falls heavy upon the shoulders of the aspirant protagonists, we would easily get carried away to regard the landscape as the dolorous disclosure of a total bankruptcy. Besides, there is no redeeming

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Is there an objective context of moral judgment for our actions? Beyond the unassailable crimes, which don’t appoint some special reference in order to register their existential jeopardy, there is a plethora of violations inducting us. Although the heavy forensic perpetrations are objectively indictable, the “misdemeanors” which offend the “normative”

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The aspiration for an Ascension to a higher topological and geometrical dimension, apart from being a correct intuition regarding the procedural destiny of our species, at the current phase it is but an allegory illustrating another kind of shift, no less dramatic, although not exactly obvious. If we look from

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