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In a world caught up with the inflation of junk information and in which the debt of ideology falls heavy upon the shoulders of the aspirant protagonists, we would easily get carried away to regard the landscape as the dolorous disclosure of a total bankruptcy. Besides, there is no redeeming feature to give us hope, if the way of resolving debt lies in the reconfiguration of the particular data. For as long we seek for the critical denominator in the stocks of the ideological market, we are never going to dislocate the spec that infests our rights and there’s no sight of end to the value crisis of our times. The perspective of the day will remain bleak for as long we will be agonized over the addition and the abstraction of the values, since neither the sign nor the digit is what will give us a breath of life. Our nights will be coming like the polar wave of the great hibernation, separating the cohesiveness of the bailout, for as long the inexistent numbers of the Central Bank will be sedating the temple of the most tangible and direct lucre.
We are talking about that Capital which in its aggregation can cause thunders and earthquakes on the present dire circumstances. There is a way to make a fortune overnight and to gather all the required resources for triumph so as to turn the flashing lights of the novel to the performance of that total gesture which brings the end of the times. It is on the stature of the most valuable enterprise by which we will open up the avenues and will build the mansions of the new plutocracy; over the height of the erected spine and the immaculate head which is stemmed by the mirthful light of consciousness is where you will find the fierce frontline, by which the thieving bonds of manipulation and adulteration will be resolved. If you find yourself lost in the landfill of vain ideas –the endorsement of which defines the banal and the cliché- stop looking for expensive spoils onto a glamorous concept that would tarnish the waste as some subversive sign of the times. The subversion will not come from another ideology; no statement –even the most virtuous or ideal- will shift the indexes of loss towards the abundance you dream to find. The only way to experience the compact sensation of the foamy affluence over which the worn out spine of paucity will at last rest, is by disavowing everything, where you will remain with nothing, without identity nor an ideological esprit; penniless of the conviction’s currency and the religious faith’s yields, you shall dare to stand naked as that sheer self-referential deed, focusing to the most intense and tangible delight of all, never to be lost even in the most agonizing strife; even in the funeral pyre of the deepest crisis, the phoenix shall extend his fiery wings and will be reborn, for such is the nature of your most fundament property…
Consciousness comprises the repetition of the most delightful hammering. If you focus with fine discernment to the mystical pulse of becoming you will find the most elementary transaction between presence and void, void and presence. An oscillation of crystallization and negation; a waggle of narrations and deconstruction; a wavelength of enervation and awakening –this is the pulse of consciousness, underneath which dance all display of time’s appearances. From the micromolecular depth of the most unconscious detail to the historical projects of the collective, everywhere one can discern the oscillation of doldrums and boom. In the oblivion that the idea commands, the strongholds of the old order crumble and in the truth which transcends the idea new ones arrive. The self-referential deed, as the repeated coil into the core of the Truth, hammers each time mercilessly the solid and opaque display of the obsessional bogeys who fix the price on the myth of want and scarcity. Not much intelligence is required, no confrontation with high concepts and complicated equations; it is so simple as to pass the sewing thread from the eye of the needle, that performance of the self-reflective deed right in the edge of its happening. If you are a consistent entrepreneur, you will be able to augment the vibration of such a self-referential oscillation, disregarding every idea or identificatory endorsement. And since the income of energy surpass the interest of the existential overload the obsession with the ideas charged you, you will be a witness of the most astounding discourse: consciousness gifted you a brand new world, pristine, which in the dazzle of every single moment affirms your desire and pays you waving tariffs of surplus –as long as this desire is always consistent with the starting shift, where it was refunded as the tendency to nothingness, as the contentment of the Void…
All possibilities are in front of you and you navigate with the prowess of the jet setter, save that the way of fulfillment does not pass from the translation of the currency into action or into goods, but from hurling the objective investment into the incinerator of subjective abyss, where fires up the flames of ultimate remembrance. In the incorruptible deed of coiling Self, again and again, as the repetition that ruptures the cocoons of obsessive gentrification; like the beak which commands the hatching as the stigma of each and every moment; perpetual emergence anew from primordial endeavor, pitting in ever greater speed the blueprint of Full Presence. Such is consciousness: primeval property of Nature and inconceivable from every subplot concretization, it is the auspicious wave of abundance that pays the karmic debts, bidding the gracious values away and reinforcing the affluence of ecstasy, by undermining all possible delusions that would draw us into our costly demise.
There is no other Capital other than that of Consciousness. The investment is admittedly a bonanza enterprise, emerging from the deepest ontological assurance. The investment into the brand new world that now blooms has no other feedback than the strange rest over the most radical eruption, the one which by the metronome of breathing disrupts each and every egological narration and which mirthfully subverts all such “great ideas” of the suspicious mind. Again and again I invest into the hammering of the repeated self-referential signal, the density and velocity of which time and again lead us to the broadcast of an increasingly more micromolecular embroidery, vibrating with the ferocity of the electron and the nuclear energy, as a great bang that bears the world at last stripped-down, albeit flamboyant, but also as a vaporization into the crystal clear void of Being, when the contents fulfill with arrogance and oblivion of their origins.
You are very lucky if you have focused all your libidinal energy into the ultimate ontological enterprise. There is nothing else to divert you. You are covered from every angle, since your vibration exercises an awakening pulse and the events call on the entrepreneur of kenosis. But he or she is all the more charismatic, for as long as they insist on discerning into the data the dynamic hole of such kenosis. The billions signs that fundamentally radiate the affirmation of their contentment comprise the rejoicing ode of their will, as the amplifier on the other’s concentration, for an awakening into the abundance that is caressed by the cool thimble of Buddha. Numeration of Infinity and meditation into the flux of remittances that as a passive income validate the delightful loss of the head –exactly because he or she is the capitalist of the ultimate gain!

Νομάς των ιδεών και των τόπων, συνεχώς εν κινήσει στο ρυθμό του γίγνεσθαι, μεταλλασσόμενος προς το άρρητο και απεκδυόμενος τη μορφή εν γένει.

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