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I experienced a night without feelings, only moments of ethereal touch.

I do not know the word that includes the absence of feelings and being absolutely present within an experience. It was a total black out. But a black out that I can remember.

I could grasp my thoughts and see them, I could follow the paths of my amazed mind yet I could do nothing about it.


Those fiery eyes were looking at me, right at me, penetrated my thoughts and observed them.

Those eyes haunted me.

The energy involved was still there. No movement was present. I could feel those lips travelling around my neck, my shoulders and my palms throughout the day.

His bold ways were playing with his kind nature, dancing all over the space, all over my space.

What kind of creature was our union? A fast paced spirit and an immature slave.

What kind of interaction was there? Flames and Water, Air and Ether, Land and Love.

His touch was gentle and intimate but it was nothing like I ever sensed. The only thing that somehow reminded me of those waves of sparkling performance was the caress of profound understanding.

Opposite to that, I understood nothing. Maybe something else within my hidden army acknowledged a sense, a feeling, a reflex or a kind of pleasure. Maybe. But not me. If any awareness alarms were turned on, my-seeming-self did not recognize them.

I was simply blurred. A great pray for any conscious exploiting figure.

Maybe it was a dream, I m not really sure. Neither have I known if I liked it or not. What an intense pleasure is the non-labeled one, the unknown to be.



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