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You are a just a pulse, seeker, a vibration. It’s not a philosophical mindset or a new age movement but a scientific proven statement.

According to quantum physics everything deep down to their core is energy moving so fast  that you cannot even specify it. Think there is a lake where you throw a stone. All the concentric circles are your energy. This means that your own energy effects the things around you. The simple conclusion is that YOU and only YOU can shape the reality around you. We are the directors of our life. It’s not the outside. It never was. There is truth in your grandpa’s fairytales that there are people who can consciously move objects. Do not be overwhelmed though, there are only a few.

What you think therefore you become, or the reality around you becomes. So you can either choose to be Pandora’s box or the Genie’s oil lamp. No matter what, the choice is yours. Look around you and you can see clearly who you are. Environment doesn’t lie.

Scientists have found that there are small energy wavelengths.The  mechanism that moves them is the thought of the watcher. It’s not magic, it’s science!

Meditation is like charging this energy to become clearer and stronger. The more you meditate the more concentric circles you create in the lake. You affect, and then create again, it’s an endless procedure. Let’s take the burden off God in order to have a responsibility of our own. Than again prayers are a form of meditation. They also regenerate your energy along with your mind and heart. God changes people hearts, prayers change God’s. It’s all about intension. This is the moving force, of the universe. A pure thought filled with light and love, a one true sacred thought is far more powerful than a restricted egotistical one. Think Good and Good will come to you said the Persians. Your faith can move mountains, said Jesus. Buddha said what you think you become. It’s the same truth quantum physics told us after centuries.

Fine-tune with positive vibrations, reset your mindset and remember that is all in your head. It’s not a power. It’s a gift.

«Be water, my friend,» said Bruce Lee.



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