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The closest to Love that I’ve ever been.

You cannot find her but if you are worthy enough she will leave trails. You can only face her naked, without any theatrical masks. Through your absolute presence and your devine devotion to her, she will gracefully reveal parts of her demanding nature. Love is the feminine Goddess because you cannot command her in any way, but you can only surrender to her and pray to be noticed. You can only enter her with absolute sincerity, the same way a man enters a woman. With the truth of your own nature. Love is where the self is not. If you have an image of Love, you will not find her cause Love carries her own mystery. The fruits of Love is Love again. The ecstasy of Love can only be conceived in this meditation where your roots are shaking, where no experience can be perceived because you are one. So Love can only be perceived by Love because  is self-sufficient. Love speaks and Love listens.  Blessed the ones who dare to swim naked in her waters, those who bleed willingfuly Love out of their skin, who kneel with joy in front of her ready to be diminished.

Love cannot be spoken through the empty words of a happy or lavish insignificant moment of time. Love can only be realised when a mother holds her infant in her arms wiping the blood off his body. When a soldier burries the dead body of the enemy with honor knowing that he killed a brother. When the farmer kisses the forehead of the animal while it feeds it grass knowing that maybe one day it will be his food. When the undisturbed monk in the mountain with a profound acknowledge of his power meditates alone to the void. When the master initiates the disciple with kindness and care. When two lovers silently look into each others eyes aware that Love chose them to reveal to the non believers.

You cannot escape her nor run after her. You cannot compromise for her cause she will be the Medusa turning you into a lifeless caricature. Love is the path but not the destination because one has no plans to reach somewhere rather than move in a Sufi dance with her, for her. She obeys no laws cause she is not human nor devine. Love knows you but you don’t know her. Love is life cause she happens everywhere and she is death cause she will transform you once she touches you. Love blossoms the flowers in a woman’s womb, the entrance of the temple of life.

May the understanding of Love be our only prayer

May she set our ancestors free and strengthen our children

May she feed us sufficience

May we rest in her presence

May she release us from guilt

May Love brings us together again, just to honor her.


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